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The Rhino. Autonomous Multirole Survival Military Vehicle

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  • Tools: Modo, After effects, Photoshop
In the year 2027 terrorism peaked, and the war against it is considered to be as destructive and serious as a global war. Terrorist groups funded by rogue nations have become powerful enough to turn every city in the world into potential targets and war zones. 30 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania joined forces to create a strategic alliance to face the terrorist threat. This included the development of new weapons suitable for urban war scenarios, with lots of potential civilian casualties. One of this projects consists of an armoured drone vehicle capable of autonomous driving thanks to powerful AI running its central command system. Its main purpose is to protect and support troops, and rescue civilians and military personnel in conflict areas. Main terrorist targets are energy and fuel factories, as well as crowded and highly populated areas. The vehicle can engage any kind of ground threat and also perform antiaerial defense. Its armour can resist RPG direct impacts and withstand chemical, biological, EMP attacks, and radioactive fallout. The vehicle has been nicknamed The Rhino, and since its deployment in 2030, it has operated with a perfect operational record and has become one of the most valuable assets in the military arsenal.

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