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  • Tools: Unreal Engine, ZBrush, Blender, Substance Painter

After the nuclear war, survived people fled into underground arks but few decided to stay on surface for various reasons. Because most of the resources were gone these people needed to improvise in order to stay alive. Tom was one of these people. Previously he worked as a car mechanic and thanks to his private garage he managed to craft this weapon from spare parts.

Weapon chassis is built using connecting rod and some scrap metal from his old imported Japanese car. Pneumatic mechanism allows it to be quiet but still efficient and reliable. Good for hunting and self protection.

Just before the first nuclear missiles hit his wife and kids went to the nearby beach and never came back. Now every week Tom will visit in his old broken apartment hoping to meet his lost family there. That hope is all he has left and that allows him to push forward.

Teay Conceptor team choice

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  1. Amazing work. It makes me think of a Fallout/Last of Us crossover.

  2. Awesome work! I love absolutely everything about it.

  3. Man…from the moment you posted this, I fell in love with it. Both in terms of design, as the total scene! Clearly a lot of effort went into this guy, and I really admire the result you managed to show here. Fantastic!

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