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  • Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane render, Realflow, Substance Painter, Quixel Mixer and Mega Scan, Photoshop cc

Everydayness... what a weird word! nowadays, human beings are engaged with this daily routine but sometimes even ignore it! But it is a precious opportunity for Harry and Peter who spend most of their time working in their small workshop to escape the frustration of the community during these past few days, and choosing Jack's beach house in pristine nature as a shelter to escape from ruckus . So they removed their bikes and surfboards, and walked toward the coastal Jack's house.

Yes, sometimes, like Peter and Harry, we need to separate ourselves from this chaos and for some time calm down in nature.

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  1. you are the best undouptedly

  2. One of the 6 Best images (IMO)

  3. Very nice. One of my favourites.

  4. Very beautiful render. However it is very strange that other contestant (Abbas Mohammadi) have exactly the same model (and I mean 100% same modeling, take your time and examine clay renders on both). No two different people can model 100% same. This model was ever bought or shared between two different people. Don’t wanna sound like I’m taking away from this work but I thought rules said that contestants need to model cars by them self. Also noticed that quite a few people used cad models from manufacturers in this contest and that’s just not fair and shouldn’t be allowed.

  5. WOW,… amazing car model and scenery – I love the mud ground :) Good luck Mohammad! For my opinion one of the best pictures here.

  6. Nice Render, but thats a squir model that he used… sad :/

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