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True Rally Legend

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  • Tools: 3ds max, Redshift, Substance painter, Fumefx, Photoshop, Forest pack

A five cylinder that can be heared from far away shifting while sliding through corners, that does mean tha a legend is going through there.

You can hear the vibration from roads and the friction of the tires throttling that creates the dust and the smoke, and if you try to smell that, you're absolutely smelling a story and creating an imagination on how it was in the 80's. A technology that wrote stories through years and years.

A legend that sounds like a superhero. An inovation that defines that grip is created for this mark and yes this is Audi... this is QUATTRO.

A structure that teaches you the best way of understanding the true power of Audi. Horse powers do not define this car, but the title, its character, its true perfection that can't be explained on how much love is invested in this product mark. History is unforgettable, so is Audi.

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