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Walter Roehrl and his AUDI Quattro

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  • Tools: Cinema4D, VRAY, Photoshop
I had not only a poster, I had books about Walter Roehrl and his AUDI Quattro. He was and still is my favorite Rallye Car driver and the AUDI Quattro was the first pioneering AWD. It was also the time I did my internship at AUDI. Everything just came together, so I decided to render this car in action.

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  1. Amazing job

    • Thank you very much

  2. This looks verry good. Nice render!

    • Thank you very much.

  3. I like the idea but there are some serious flaws. One thing is that you forgot to remove the background car and it´s side mirror visible. Another thing is that there seems to be some kind of ghost car under the actual mesh. Also the windows seams to be opaque and not showing the background. Stickers looks like they are flowing on top of car and creates some weird shading. Also the tires looks like they are not contacted with the ground. All of these things makes it to look like a photoshoped image but I like the idea a lot and Quattro is a beautiful car!

  4. Very observend. You are right in all the points you made.
    I really appreciate the feedback. This is the only way I can get better.

  5. I took John Woods comments and tried my best to address these issues in a revised render. I removed parts of the background car (left mirror, antennas), I changed the material settings on the stickers, added a composit tag and unchecked “shadows” and “visible in reflections”. I also unchecked “visible in refraction” for the Matte material. That was the reason for the “opaque” window.
    I really appreciate that I was allowed to re-upload the revised render.

    • Better. I didn´t know that the rules allowed to fix and upload the final submission again. At least I didn´t find that section there. It would be fair to tell what is possible during the comp and what is not because I thought that the submission is final. Anyway the difference between this and the previous one is big so good job.

      • Thank you, John, will do. Also we think it’s nice idea to improve your work after feedback.

  6. Nice work, I think you could fool a lot of people into thinking this was real. Good luck

    • Thank you :-)

  7. Awesome work! It is great the whole idea!

  8. Baca, thanks a lot.

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