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“We brake for nobody, ever”

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  • Tools: 3DS Max, Arnold, Photoshop

I was really resolved to not take part this year because my beloved daughter was born in past october.

Anyways, last week I had the idea to take part in this year challenge: redo a car that were modeled in 1999!

My wife didn't like my idea very much... But my almost 20 years old 'son' was in need of new wheels with semi-slick tires, a huge rear diffuser, 4 elements rear wing with DRS (was a fixed 3 one), lightweight trunk spoiler, V-16 8,0 liter badge, composite mufflers, 4" widebody kit, double 4" refuelling probes and so one...

The goal is the same as 20 years ago when todays viral videos were dreams only possible in multimilionaire Hollywood productions; make the most extreme drift race car ever done that at the same time can do the fastest lap times with tons of downforce and lot of turbulence aftewards to trick who dares to get closer.

Wait, I did mentioned my daughter's name in the licence plate?

As these cars need a place to park when aren't racing, I did take the garage of an old scene and add several new features like air conditioning, new door, natural light regulation, fire extinguixer, and so one; and 3 other cars, like the (almost) finished Taxi Concept 2 WideBody done early this year but in discreet scheme, upgraded unnamed silver car from 1996 and Pulse (2005) with tweaked front and rear fenders to compose the scene.

I hope everyone enjoy and forgive the noise in my render, between one diaper change and lull the baby to sleep, my brave old system could'n couple with the million extra polygons and the indirect lightining that makes the image in so short notice! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! All the best for everyone.

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