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Wedding Excalibur Phaeton

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  • Tools: 3Ds Max, Vray, Itoo Forest, Photoshop, Lightroom

Since I was a child, I'm a fan of the mechanical world, especially the aviation world. after my studies of 3D computer graphics, I wanted to mix my passion for mechanics with the infinite imagination of the 3D world. I prefer light and modern cars like the Ariel Atom or Bac Mono but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone so ... i did (completely) the opposite after several opinions of my friends.

I am lucky to have a Classic Car salesman near my home and my eyes are fixed on this Excalibur Phaethon of 1980 (with a modified bodywork). a V8 big block 7.4L, 450hp, automatic gearbox, ivory color but I changed to a Charleston style (purple, cream and black) a small tribute to the French car 2CV ;-).

The idea of marriage came to me after a short search but not with the colors I had chosen for the bodywork so I found it more interesting. this choice has also improved my way of modeling the flowers and their materials after some advice from my former teachers and colleagues (thanks to them).

The courtyard comes from a castle near my home, after a few photos of references the 3d modeling was fast and simple, the colors were changed voluntarily to contrast with the car.

Here is the story of this project, I want to say that it is my first participation in a 3D contest (I did the competition "survival car" but on my side during my free time.)

I thank you all for taking the time to discover the project and good luck to all :-).

Arbez Maxime from France / Switzerland

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  1. I think that the reflection on the ground is unrealistic.

  2. It’s an after rain ground. It’s typical september weather in france.

  3. In my opinion, doesn’t look like that. It looks like a waxed internal floor.

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