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  • Tools: 3ds max, vray, zbrush, photoshop
I think there's no need to introduce that car to anyone on this planet. The Flinstones - cult cartoon with characteristic "Yabba Dabba Doo" shouted out by Fred was one of the first cartoons I've ever seen - for sure one or the most memorable ones. So, Fred's car, powered by the strenght (and speed) of his feet was something superb special and amazing! That's why I decided to make the visualisation of this legendary automobile. Project was made within last week or so. I tried to catch corresponding sorroundings as Flintsone's House and enhance it with some sub-tropical prehistorical plants. Everything here, except sky is full CGI scene lighten with HDRI.
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  1. moj ziom.:D

  2. Nice idea. To me the whole image looks way too cg and stone and trees looks really plastic. Like I said, the idea is fun but the final technical presentation is still not there and needs a lot more work.

  3. Thank you John for your comment. You’re right I could have made it better… And next time i’ll make it better, I promise!:) But it was my first project with trees, stones etc, so i think the result is acceptable:)

  4. Plastic? I wonder what kind of plastic? The scene really looks great to me. Excellent work!

  5. Thank you, Joaquin:)

  6. This is really outstanding and simply suits the rules of competition. Great Work

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