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  • Author: James Gardner-Pickett
  • Tools: Modo, Zbrush, Photoshop

I wanted to create something organic in both shape and texture. Jellyfish were perfect. They're complex and multi-layered, which made it a challenge to replicate the way light travels through them. I brought focus to the image using depth of field, so one knows where to look. I did several tests without and the result was confusing to the eye, and unbalanced. This image has absolutely no retouching, only grading done to it. Modelled in Modo, sculpted in zbrush for morph shapes. About myself: Self taught from age of 12, did first real CGI job at 14 for Bullmers Cider. Ever since just enjoyed learning the latest and greatest and pushing out the best images i can. Worked at Smoke & Mirrors for the last 7 years. My website is

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