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Тясячі 3D моделей доступні для скачування в будь-якому зручному для вас форматі: від лоу полі 3D об'єктів до детальних транспортних засобів.

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  • I already purchased the model as is. Looks great! I didn't know tires had the details modeled in. I thought it was a texture with a normal map (based on the photos). It was a nice surprise the details were still there. Thanks for the excellent model! Sean Higginbottom, Character Technical Director @ Zynga
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  • let me say that your work is great, guys. I purchased a Peugeot RCZ and the model is perfect with great details and minimal poly-count. And now I'm getting this Mercedes. Good Job! Omar Latif
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  • I recently purchased a model from your site (3D model of BRP Can-Am Commander XT 2012) and just wanted to say it's one of the best models I've ever purchased. Precise dimensions, great details, and just built really well. Thanks and I will make sure I visit your site again in the future. Marla
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