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Hello everybody! We know that you are looking forward to our new competition and here comes this solemn moment when *trumpets blare* we open it. This time the theme is more complicated and interesting; it requires your creativity and throws you a real challenge. Yes, there is a lot to compete for.

“Most Legendary Car” It is a big deal, surely, as it can fly, swim or even go to space. Your legendary car may run on electricity, it also may be a part of some important historical events. The only restriction here: it should be YOUR legendary car, you personal legend. In your childhood you had posters with this automobile on the walls; your grandpa or your favorite hero had it. This automobile might be fictional, but it should be steeped in your personal story. And this story has to be told in the description of your work. You should explain why this vehicle is legendary for you. The automobile might be symbolic and well-known, taken from a history textbook or from comics. The main thing - it should important to you.

This competition gives you a marvelous opportunity to combine your love of history and concepts with your personal creativity.

Where to begin:
Forum Start a WIP on any CG related website you like. Facebook Join art community on Facebook.
Share 3D artworks, workflows.

Share your art and chat with other artists - we are sure that creative and friendly atmosphere of the competition will help the growth of each participant. See previous challenges >

We are waiting for your renders until the 1st of December (00:00 GMT) inclusive. Have a good render and a lot of inspiration!

General rules:

  • 1)

    The work must not have been previously published anywhere, neither online or offline.

  • 2)

    There should be an automobile or another similar vehicle in your work and it should be clear for the jury what is so special about it. A tiny dot on the horizon with a subscription "my legendary car" will not do.

  • 3)

    We hope to see some special entourage round your car that would complement your idea. That means, that if your car is able to fly through space, it would be nice and logic to draw it flying there or being parked at a spaceport. Historical event, for instance? Try to place it in historical surroundings.

  • 4)

    Please, provide your work with a short story on why you consider this vehicle legendary.

  • 5)

    Attach to your work one wireframe or clay render at your choice - we will place it below your work.

Demands for your render:

  • 1)

    The render should be at least 1000 pixels wide if the work is horizontal. Vertical ones may have any proportions :)

  • 2)

    Render size should not exceed 1.5 mb.

  • 3)

    It is desirable that you add the link to the competition in one of the corners yourself (so that you can control the quality of saved work).

We took into account all your wishes. The works will be judged by the jury which would include our sponsors and Humster3d team. However, don't forget to support your colleagues with likes! Now you also have the possibility to add comments on the works, so don't hesitate to enter into discussion. We count on your discretion.

Waiting eagerly for your work!

3DModels team

3DModels team

Lead 3D artists

The First placeThe First place

  • License of KeyShot render

  • Maxwell Render Suite V3 Node Locked license

  • Quixel SUITE licenses

  • Allegorithmic Substance Indie Pack

  • Full license of Marmoset Toolbag 2

  • License of TopoGun

  • Your work and Interview will be published in 3DArtist magazine

  • 3ds Max Projects book

  • 12 month subscriptions to 3dcreative

  • Standard book of winner’s choice from Ballistic Publishing

  • CGSociety Connect Membership

  • 1 X CGTraining On Demand

  • 500 RenderPoints for RebusFarm

  • Any 2 images sets (MAG) for portfolio usage from Maground

  • $150 in cash by Hum3D

The Second placeThe Second place

The Third placeThe Third place

  • Maxwell Render Suite V3 Learning Edition

  • Quixel SUITE licenses

  • Allegorithmic Substance Painter

  • Full license of Marmoset Toolbag 2

  • Your work and Interview will be published in 3DArtist magazine

  • 12 month subscriptions to 3dcreative

  • CGSociety Connect Membership

  • 1 X CGTraining On Demand

  • 100 RenderPoints for RebusFarm

  • 1 images set (MAG) for portfolio usage from Maground

  • $50 in cash by Hum3D

Additional Prizes and Achievements

Maxwell Render:

Special prize from Maxwell team! The author of the best work that was made in Maxwell Render will get a permanent Maxwell Render Suite V3 Node locked license.

Next Limit also offers free Maxwell Render V3 Node locked licenses to anyone interested in using Maxwell for the competition (no watermark, no resolution restrictions) until Dec 1st. Please write to [email protected].


Keyshot offers you to use Keyshot renderer for free when creating you competition work (without watermark). Please, write on [email protected] with "KeyShot Legendary Car Render Challenge" in the subject line and you will receive a license for use in the contest.


Every participant gets an electronic version of the latest issue of 3dcreative magazine! Hurry up to take part.