12 amazing Ancient World renders

Hello, guys! Today we’d like to share an interesting observation with you. We noticed that among a bunch of marvelous works we were looking over lately there are only few dedicated to Ancient Times.

Nevertheless, we managed to make a small selection of the most interesting works on this theme. Some of them contain more Photoshop than 3D modeling; still they are worth our attention. We took the liberty and divided the pieces into three groups – in correspondence with three main centers of Ancient World.

Let’s begin with mysterious Ancient Greece:

Ancient Greek Warrior

Ancient Greek Warrior by Anatoliy Meymuhin


Babylon, era of Cyrus the Great by Reza Tayebi

Ancient General by Yueliu Dai


Bast – Ancient Goddess by George Manolache

Ancient Gate

Ancient Gate by Rawad Sarkis

Undine Rising from the Waters

“Undine Rising from the Waters” by Mariana Gorbea

Armor of might

Armor of might by David Aguero

Ancient Beauty

Ancient Beauty by Zoltán Pogonyi

Pharaoh's Palace

Pharaoh’s Palace by Armando Savoia

Seagulls' Lighthouse

Seagulls’ Lighthouse by Artur Malczyk

Great Temple of Thebes

Great Temple of Thebes by Armando Savoia

Queen of Egypt

Queen of Egypt by Alexander Hudson


Gladiator by Eric Durante

Maybe, not so peaceful to end the selection, but this is Ancient World as we know it – epic, heroic, mysterious, but severe and cruel.

Sure, we might have overlooked something, but really there isn’t much 3D art dedicated to Ancient Times. We were disappointed and decided to try and change the course of events. So we organize a new competition!; Read the rules carefully and let this modest selection inspire you for a masterpiece! We hope to see a lot of interesting renders during the contest. Good luck!

Enjoy, comment, post… and have a nice render!

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