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Hello everyone! During this competition you’ll have an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of Ancient Rome with its beautiful architecture, culture, mythology and striking history.

By the way, what do you personally associate Rome with? For someone Ancient Rome first of all is gladiators and Roman legionaries. Someone knows it by aqueducts and beautiful statues. If we remember many famous cartoons and movies on the subject, it becomes evident that everyone has their own vision of Ancient Rome. So let us learn how you personally understand it.

Now, you need to represent something that you associate Ancient Rome with – from a character to any other subject, – place it in historical surroundings and explain us why you has chosen it. You can also think out some historical events, so concepts are welcomed :)

Primarily we will pay attention to the visual component of your works, but this is not all that you need to win. The idea of the work is also very important for us, as well as its presentation, complicacy (both of the model and of the scene) and quality of performance.

We are very grateful to them for finding time and possibility to support your creative work.

Competition dates: March 3rd, 2015 - May 5th, 2015. We are waiting for your renders until the 5th of May (00:00 GMT) inclusive. Have a good render and a lot of inspiration!

Where to begin:
Forum Start a WIP on any CG related website you like. Facebook Join art community on Facebook.
Share 3D artworks, workflows.

Share your art and chat with other artists - we are sure that creative and friendly atmosphere of the competition will help the growth of each participant. See previous challenges >

We receive your works from March 3 to May 5 (inclusive). Submissions end at 00:00 (GMT). For your convenience we have set the timer on the page, but don’t forget to update it. The competition has one general category.

General rules:

  • 1)

    The work must not have been previously published anywhere, neither online or offline (including a model with ready-made textures or easily recognizable scene);

  • 2)

    Render should contain anything that you associate with Ancient Rome (from architecture to weapons and characters). The work should be neat and clean, without a sign of plagiary.

  • 3)

    We hope to see some special entourage round your model that would complement your idea. Historical event, for instance? Try to place it in historical surroundings.

  • 4)

    Please, provide your work with a short description of what is depicted on the render and why you have chosen this object.

  • 5)

    Attach to your work one wireframe or clay render at your choice – we will place it below your work.

Demands for your render:

  • 1)

    The render should be at least 1000 pixels wide if the work is horizontal. Vertical ones may have any proportions :)

  • 2)

    Render size should not exceed 1.5 mb.

  • 3)

    It is desirable that you add the link to the competition in one of the corners yourself (so that you can control the quality of saved work).

The main aim of the competition is to encourage your creativity, so we’re looking forward to your supporting comments to the works of other participants.

Of course, such a topic could not do without super sponsors that always help 3D artists to create their masterpieces. We love them and appreciate very much for this!

Waiting eagerly for your work!

3DModels team

3DModels team

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The First placeThe First place

The Second placeThe Second place

The Third placeThe Third place

Additional Prizes and Achievements

Maxwell Render:

Special prize from Maxwell team! The author of the best work that was made in Maxwell Render will get a permanent Maxwell Render V3 Node Locked license.

Next Limit also offers free trial Maxwell Render V3 Node locked licenses to anyone interested in using Maxwell for the competition (no watermark, no resolution restrictions) until May 5. Please write to [email protected].