Anton Dmytruk: Interview with 3D artist

Hi everyone! We continue a series of short interviews with the best artists from Hum3D competitions.

Anton Dmytruk, author of the “Be fast to be first”, will answer on six questions and give us a look behind the scenes of his work.

Be fast to be first

– Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do and how did you become a 3D artist?

My name is Anton, I’m 24 y.o., live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently, I am a Senior Vehicle Artist in Room8Studio, biggest and one of the oldest studios in Ukraine, working with 5 out of the global top 10 game publishers. My path as a 3D artist began 6 years ago. I always loved to draw and my hobbies first resulted in 2D drawings, and later in 3D models. All this time I was working on various vehicle and weapons models, first 3 years for ParaArt studio and now 2 years I’m in Room8Studio. Here is my portfolio.

– What’s your favorite aspect of creating 3D art? Is there something you specialize in and enjoy the most?

My favorite aspect of 3D is the freedom to do what you want when only you decide that your model is beautiful or not. In development phase I like most the moment in which preparatory work is implemented into a high-quality model, it looks like a good detective movie in which the facts are sown by the author throughout the film at the end of the picture add up in an amazing mosaic and you see the whole picture.

– What or who inspires you today? Are you a member of any art communities? Any favorite hashtags you check on a daily basis?

Currently, it’s Warhammer 40,000, I’ve been a fan of this universe for a long time, for about 4 years and still wonders about the number of characters, vehicles, places and other things that can be visualized in 3D, I also like fan films, pictures of the universe. So soon in my portfolio, you can expect new work related to Warhammer.

– Please tell us your five short tips for creating 3D art.

  1. – Use traditional software. You just waste time mastering software that is not needed in the industry. (Zbrush not Mudbox, Maya not Blender, Modo etc.)

  2. – Always keep your portfolio up to date, post new works.

  3. – Do not buy a cheap PC, you add yourself unnecessary problems in mastering skills.

  4. – As soon as possible find a job in 3D, on professional projects, skills are pumped faster.

  5. – Take pleasure in what you do, if your workflow is completely composed of pain, then this is not your industry.

– Could you please show us any images from the latest work process with a short description. Where did the idea come from? Did you learn something new?

Unfortunately, I can’t show anything worthy for now, instead, I will talk about the process of developing my work on Hum3d Car Challenge 2019.

I participated in a contest from Hum3d a couple of years ago and this year I was inspired to show the result a cut above. I started work back in March last year, I worked hard on the car in my spare time. Many artists will understand how it happens, when you despair, give up, then change the idea, return to work, it was a long and difficult journey, but I am proud that I went through it and how much new I learned.

– Which of your designs/part of scene/model are you most like and why?

I think it’s my Dodge Viper renders, I really like the rich colors of the render, the color of juicy cherries. Simplicity and completeness of the composition. Also, it turned out completely unexpectedly due to idleness on vacation.

Dodge Viper renders

Dodge Viper renders

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