Sci-Fi Industrial Zone 3D Competition Winners Announcement

Hello everyone, It’s high time to sum up the Sci-Fi Industrial Zone Competition.

the First place

First place is Recreation before the war by Ruming Cao

Recreation before the war by Ruming Cao

Also he gets the Fox Renderfarm and RebusFarm team choices.

Special prize from Fox RenderfarmSpecial prize from Rebusfarm team

FoxrenderFarm team: “The work is rich in detail and uniform in style. The mix of warm and cold lights draws people’s attention, while the vivid textures and rich details create a real scene for people to believe in the Sci-fi world the artist created. The rough footbath and the tray on the chair provide a strong industrial feel that contrasts with the surrounding electronics”.

Made with using 3ds max, Mari, Photoshop, Substance painter, Zbrush, RizomUV, Marvelous designer, Fusion360.

What our jury says:

Bela Thomas Beier: “Busy, messy and the eye has lots to discover – excellent work!”.

Samuel Winter: “This piece is great! An abundance of detail, good use of colour and lighting. What’s more to say? I love it!”.

Jacob Norris: “This is actually my favorite render and artwork in the whole competition, but I also think it could have used a bit more environment space and area to sell the “Industrial Zone” theme. The small details and story elements are all really cool and the image is so high resolution that you can really zoom in and appreciate all of the care and attention that everything in the scene as received”.

Tom Grimes: “While this one appears to be about engaging in old school gaming (from the title and controller in the gorilla’s hands), there’s no denying that the overall scene is jam packed with everything requested in the industrial render, with the most incredibly detailed (in modeling and texturing) machinery, and haphazard layout of everything. The lighting, texturing, composition, and the way it starts stories in the viewer’s mind are also the best in my opinion, putting this in the first place”.

Jonas Pilz: “The artist’s attention to detail in both modeling and materials is impressive. Even after looking at the image several times, I spot new exciting elements. The attention is driven very clearly by the effective lighting, and the atmosphere is just perfect. All thumbs up!”.

Chris Scubli: “This image achieves that fine balance between detail and readability. An abundance of intricate elements are vying for attention, but they all sit together well thanks to how the lighting draws the eye through the composition. There is a ton of storytelling on display, from the foot washer, to the bowl of treats and the ‘miss u’ scribbled over the tin can”.

Alessandro Maniscalco: “No words about this picture. Absolutely amazing. I zoomed in and out many times to find secrets and little details and every time I can find new elements. Stunning image!”.

Zacharias Reinhardt: “Ultra detailed render, that sucks you in, with a deep atmosphere and a ton of elements to explore. I have no idea what is going on here, but this makes the image even more interesting and leaves room for thought. On a technical level, nothing to complain”.

Barry Marshall: “I have say, it feels more like AFTER the war, sliders off, feet soaking and kicking back with an old school “video” game. A great mix of tech and detail, crt alongside flat screen monitors. Lovely lighting and textures”.

Roberto Kai Hegeler: “I like this rather cyberpunk-looking scene that could be out of a sci-fi movie poster for an upcoming awesome adventure in the cinemas. There are crazy amounts of details everywhere, along with perfect lighting and materials”.

Calvin Bacon: “Impressive level of detail and realism captured in a single image. The longer you observe the render, the more intriguing details and high-quality modeling and texturing you discover”.

Jim Thacker: “It’s more of a character study than a full-blown environment, but it’s such a great image that I couldn’t leave it out. I love the idea that in the dystopian far-future, even genetically evolved gorillas will still want their own gaming chairs and a nice foot massage”.

Philipp Staab: “Recreation Before The War wowed us with its complexity and detail but not at the cost of storytelling and composition. With everything from the naturally placed dirt and grime, to the details on the monitor panels, this render captivated us with questions and curiosities”.

Quick interview with Ruming Cao:
– How long have you been into 3D modeling? Please, tell us about yourself.

I’ve been doing 3d modeling for ten years. My name is Ruming Cao. I am from a small city near Ma’anshan in Eastern China, but currently reside in Hefei, I work as an instructor at an educational facility, teaching students rendering.

I am entirely self-taught. My passion for 3D began during my college days when I saw my roommate studying 3ds Max.

Curiosity soon turned into an obsession, and in 2016, following his graduation, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the CG industry.

I worked on this art for a month and a half. I created almost all the models.

The biggest difficulty is scene optimization. I need a better computer.

• I hope future competitors will enjoy the competition! That’s the most important thing.
• For me, skill is the most important thing, and creativity is also very important.

The Second place

Second place is Interplanetary Pioneers by Todor Vladev

Interplanetary Pioneers by Todor Vladev

Also the author gets Special prize from the Chaos team for the “Best render that made with using V-ray”.

Special prize from Chaos team

Made with using 3ds Max, V-ray, Substance 3D Painter and Photoshop.

What our jury says:

Jacob Norris: “I believe this artwork does a great job of really conveying the theme of the whole competition, while also having a unique take on the classic “Sci-Fi Hallway”. The scene really extends past the bounds of just a simple hallway. With secondary rooms and a large warehouse that we can see through the windows, the space not only shows a high level of detail and care to the foreground / mid-ground, but also goes the extra distance to show off that this is a living world with a lot going on even in the background of the image. Your eyes travel throughout the whole piece with all of the story elements and details filling up every corner. The theme is on point, the art is well executed, and it’s a new take on a classic idea. Beautiful work!”.

Chris Scubli: “The grunge and set dressing gives the place a lived-in feeling. The attention to detail is palpable, from the color-coded lighting to the ads on the wall-mounted screens. There’s a casualness to how the characters are scattered throughout that makes it look like a snapshot out of a futuristic industrial compound, and that satisfies the challenge’s brief to perfection”.

Alessandro Maniscalco: “I love Sci-fi corridors. When I was young, drawing corridors after watching Aliens movies was my favorite passion. Here I can find everything about this kind of environment. Lot of details here, great humanoids model and color palette. Great camera framing. A frame taken from a movie!”.

Zacharias Reinhardt: “Great render that captures the feel and atmosphere of an industrial area perfectly. It could be in a space station or deep under the earth. Feels like a world I would like to explore further. Also, fantastic technical execution”.

Barry Marshall: “The rough and ready environment tells a story, pilots walking past maintenance workers speaks of a “whatever is necessary” kind of ethos. The environment itself is detailed and captivating, Good use of different lighting types and texture”.

Lynette Clee: “Another well-composed piece that uses framing and details to lead your eye around the artwork, where the story unfolds”.

Calvin Bacon: “A meticulously crafted environment reminiscent of the world of Star Citizen, showcasing remarkable attention to detail”.

Stephanie Schenck: “Composed to show so many different pieces of the story of the space pilots’ walk through the space station, appearing in different parts of just one image. Great job telling a whole story in one image”.

Jim Thacker: “A beautifully and minutely detailed image with a classic cyberpunk aesthetic”.

Philipp Staab: “Interplanetary Pioneers feels grounded in the gritty side of exploration on the latest frontier. Its fisheye camera angle immerses us in the idea that anything could happen a moment’s notice”.

Quick interview with Todor:
– How long have you been into 3D modeling? Please, tell us about yourself.

I have been doing 3d modelling and visualisation since 2015. I have always found joy in the realms of modeling and visualization as well as finding natural fondness for bringing ideas and concepts to life through imagery and creative representation.

– How much time did it take you to create your work? Have you encountered any difficulties?

Initially, I found myself uncertain about the idea I would pursue for the challenge. Eventually, I discovered inspiration within the realm of numerous first-person shooter games I engage with, and the captivating Sci-Fi movies I’ve been indulging in. From concept to competition, it took me about one and a half months to complete the artwork.

While I encountered minimal difficulties, a couple of aspects presented some challenges. The first was crafting a captivating idea and constructing a visually stunning world that aligned with the image provided. The second involved narrating a visual story that would effectively captivate and engage the audience’s attention.

– Do you have any advice for future contestants?

My design process begins by gathering a curated collection of reference images and lighting examples, which I use to construct a moodboard. This moodboard serves as a foundation for generating design ideas and guiding my creative journey.

The Third place

Third place is Abandoned Secrets by Evgeniy Shatohin

Abandoned Secrets by Evgeniy Shatohin

Made with using 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop.

What our jury says:

Jacob Norris: “The style of the artwork almost feels like a concept. The lighting does a great job of setting the dark mood of this abandoned industrial area. We see some fires off in the distance and people in the scene to also help show off the scale of this massive area. The ship design is really cool and the sort of hanging platforms the are on, starting to decay and crumble down onto the damage catwalks and ground below. It takes you to another world and immediately gives you the impression that this is an awesome Sci-Fi Industrial Zone”.

Tom Grimes: “Definitely hits the mark on the industrial theme, a scrapyard for old spaceships. Lovely spaceship designs, lots of detail, and a great sense of everything being chaotic and disorganized!”.

Alessandro Maniscalco: “When I was young I loved to watch an illustrated book with lot of space ship cemetery. Wreck ships everywhere with lot of details. Here I found the same mood with amazing ships. Great atmosphere with dark mood”.

Barry Marshall: “The lighting is just enough. Enough to show the details but also to lead the eye to the firelit living space under the debris. I like a story in an image, something to wonder about, why was it abandoned? Who are the soldiers? Perhaps most important of all, who is living there now?”.

Roberto Kai Hegeler: “This image truly tells a story in some sense, and the description also delivers a story. I really like the setup and the feeling of an abandoned place. Great concept to realization”.

Calvin Bacon: “A complex and intricately detailed scene that exhibits a high level of skill in 3D modeling”.

Jim Thacker: “A subtly unnerving image, with the moonlight picking out the wrecked spacecraft, but never quite seeming to penetrate the depths of the abandoned factory surrounding them. The longer I looked at it, the higher I rated it”.

Quick interview with Evgeniy:
– How long have you been into 3D modeling? Please, tell us about yourself.

I have been working in the field of archviz, specializing in 3D modeling and visualization for around ten years.

– How much time did it take you to create your work? Have you encountered any difficulties?

I spent a few weeks on this project. The main challenge was to convey the atmosphere, mood, and composition in order to visualize the story better.

– Do you have any advice for future contestants?

Analyze and study what makes certain works or references attractive and strive to move in that direction for learning something new and helpful to represent your own work effectively in practice.

We congratulate the winners!

Special prize from Otoy Team

Special prize from Otoy team for the “Best render that made with using OctaneRender” gets “Inspection” by Juwon Seo.

Inspection by Juwon Seo

Otoy: “The cinematic rendering looks like a frame from a movie. The composition and lighting encourages viewers to explore the scene using contrast and shadow direct one’s gaze. The heavily shadowed areas and silhouettes leave the audience with a feeling of intrigue and a desire to learn more”.

Special prize from iRender team

Special prize from iRender team gets “Military Warehouse of Robotics” by Kareem Soliman.

Military Warehouse of Robotics

iRender: “This work depicts the era of robot warfare, a future that is neither too far nor too fanciful. In an atmosphere that is not too dark, the warehouse is bustling, the robots are meticulously polished, that’s enough”.

Special prize from E-on Software team

Special prize from E-on Software team for the “Most evocative environment” gets “Brave New World” by Jakub Sobiczewski.

Brave New World

E-on Software: “The colour scheme produced by the light, fog and haze gives the chills and a sense of foreboding. This is nicely offset against the narrowing of focus on the tower and carnival lights ahead holding the promise of warmth and comfort”.

Special prize from Nevercenter team

Special prize from Nevercenter team gets “The First Tree on Titan” by Glitch Black.

The First Tree on Titan

Nevercenter team: “This one won us over with the imaginative story behind it. Also, really nice details with readable notes from visitors on the pine tree’s habitat, the stickers on the kid’s backpack, and the info display for the tree (including the “tree mood” board!). Delightful storytelling. We want Glitch to create more of these world”.

Special prize from Chaos Corona Team

Special prize from Chaos Corona team for the “Best render that made with using Corona Renderer” gets “Journey to the Crimson Planet” by Ako Ghadermarzi.

Journey to the Crimson Planet

Special prize from InstaLOD team

Special prize from InstaLOD team for the “Most detailed model” gets “Hope in a Dystopian Future” by Filipe Reis.

Hope in a Dystopian Future

InstaLOD team: “With its chilling composition and carefully crafted color palette, Hope in a Dystopian Future balances lighting, detail, and storytelling that draws in the senses. Each layer uncovers another level of storytelling and with it another level of detail making it our well-deserved winner for most detailed model”.

In addition, we’d like to point out the works of other finalists, which we can’t just ignore and slide round.

Hum3d team choice

“The last sunset” by Bartosz Palus.

The last sunset

“Mecha assembly plant” by Stanislav.

Mecha assembly plant

“Weight Of Thought – Maintenance Docking” by Victor Dimitrov.

Weight Of Thought – Maintenance Docking

“Hellish Generator” by Mike Luard.

Hellish Generator

“Space railway” by Maxim Dobroshtan.

Space railway

“The Oasis of Machinery” by Kolya Ogre.

“Gear Up its going to get bumpy” by Malchus.

Gear Up its going to get bumpy

For those who like statistics:

51 artists took part in the competition. Twenty five members of jury selected twenty three renders to the final stage (each place in top-five gives special amount of points: first place – five points, fifth place – one point. All points/votes are sumup).

Special thanks to the sponsors who support our event and help 3D artists to create their masterpieces. Each of them is the best in their field. You can always count on their quality service, and so we are happy to recommend you their products.

Would be great to see your comments and thank you all for amazing challenge.

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  1. I would like to thank everyone involved and Hum 3D for organizing this competition. I was very happy to participate and to win as the most detailed model.