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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Vray, Substance 3D Painter, Photoshop

As the two space pilots walked through the interior corridor of the space station, they could feel the hum of the station's machinery vibrating through the metal floor beneath their boots. The corridor was lined with steel walls and flickering fluorescent lights, giving it a sterile, industrial feel.

As they walked, they passed by factory workers who were busy performing maintenance tasks on the various machines that kept the station running smoothly. Some of the workers were busy welding metal plates, while others were lubricating the gears of the giant robotic arms that extended from the walls.

A group of workers were taking their lunch break in the corridor, chatting and laughing as they ate their meals. The pilots could smell the faint aroma of hot food and coffee, which made their stomachs growl with hunger.

As they approached the end of the corridor, they passed by a briefing room where a team of scientists and engineers were huddled around a holographic display, poring over data and schematics. The pilots nodded politely as they walked by, recognizing some of their colleagues among the group.

Finally, they arrived at the hangar, where their sleek spaceships were parked side by side. The hangar was a massive, cavernous space filled with other spacecraft and machinery. The pilots made their way over to their respective ships, checking the various gauges and systems to ensure everything was in working order for their upcoming mission.

The hum of the machinery grew louder as they fired up their engines, and the other workers in the hangar stopped what they were doing to watch the ships take off into the void of space. As the ships disappeared into the distance, the workers returned to their tasks, knowing that the pilots were embarking on an important mission that could affect the fate of the entire galaxy.

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  1. Breathtaking! I feel like this guy just rendered one of my dreams, so impressive

  2. such attention to detail! particularly all the effort put into imperfections, dust, scratches etc in the materials. Little things like the OSL from screens on the characters really sell it

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