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  • Tools: 3Dmax, Zbrush, V-ray, Photoshop, Mischief
The first car that came to my mind was the DeLorean from Back to the Future. This film was a major breakthrough in CG in the 80s and set new standards for science fiction movies, but it also served as inspiration to me. My two brothers and I had a lot of fun with this movie when we were children, we laughed, we loved the music, but, above all it made us dream of going to the future to see how things would be. Several years later, as an adult, I realize how this movie's legacy expands into the latest science fiction movies that continue to build on actual science and push imagination by bringing theories to life. This movie has inspired a whole generation to think out of the box and go further. Next year, 2015, is the year Dr. Brown and Marty McFly travel to. Unfortunately we won't have flying cars nor kids riding floating hoverboards, but this project makes it happen. The render shows my brothers and I heading to the future. I am the one driving this amazing vehicle and leading this adventure into time as it was my dream as a child.

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