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Billion Dollar Arsenal

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  • Tools: 3DSMax, VRay, Zbrush, Photoshop

“In a world, which draws a fine line between criminals and two-face pedestrians….. a sign lightens up the dark horizon!

Cruising in his tank every night, veiled under the symbol which he represents, outdoes his own limits to give justice.

Every single scratch on the ARSENAL has a story of its own, and each night brings a new one.

Every time the mobile enters the cave, a cascade washes the stains of all those evil forces hovering over GOTHAM.

A state of the art system, always there to assist him otherwise a lonely BAT.

An armor, ready to engage the moment GOD from kryptonite turns evil because power brings turbulence.

Wires on the floor tell us about the newborn cave, equipped with billions of gadgets to fight the felony and yet he has created a little corner to grief upon the justice he couldn’t give to himself……death of his parents."

PS: Out of all the iterations of the bat-mobile, The 1989 Bat-mobile designed by Anton Furst was the most iconic is synonym to the Batman. That's why it is my favorite.

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  1. That synopsis made me cry. Love it!

  2. I love this….nice story

  3. Fabulous brother keep it up

  4. Great____ilove’this….

  5. Amazing!!!!
    N great design (render)!!!

  6. marvelous… really great effort

  7. Love it…. Grt dear

  8. great!!!

  9. Sir,
    Apparently which means you’re a DC fan! #Great_work sir.

  10. Great synopsis. I also liked the model but it would be better if you had illuminated the scene with more spot lights.

  11. Amazing one ! Indeed a great design ??

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