The First placeThe First place

The Second placeThe Second place

The Third placeThe Third place

Additional Prizes and Achievements

Maxwell render:

Special prize from the Maxwell team! The author of the best work created in Maxwell will get an annual nodelocked Maxwell integration or Maxwell Studio license.

Exlevel Team Choice:

Exlevel team offers GrowFx license for the best environment and they want to see some plants in your work. Good incentive to pay attention not only to a car.

Marmoset Team Choice:

The fine folks at Marmoset (makers of Toolbag and Hexels) will pick one winner who best displays their Hum3D entry in Marmoset Toolbag (still renders and/or Marmoset Viewer file). The well deserved winner will get their choice of any 2 Marmoset Pano Packs!

Fox Renderfarm:

Fox Renderfarm $200 special prize for a work that deserved it.


If the winning work is made in KeyShot (regardless of the place), the author’s license will be upgraded up to KeyShot Pro.

Corona Team Choice:

Best render made with Corona will get special prize: 6 month FairSaas license (1 WS + 3 Nodes).


The best sci-fi car will get a version of PolyBrush.

Special RebusFarm Prize:

Special prize 100 RenderPoints for "Best Oldtimer".

Plugins from iCube R&D Group:

You can get any plugin during the competition. Please contact us for the instractions.


The Ultra Studio Bundle for a work that deserved it.


Best rendering work done with Patchwork 3D from Lumiscaphe will get special prize - a one year Patchwork 3D Premium license. Lumiscaphe is happy also to provide a FREE complete license of Patchwork 3D Premium to the participants for the duration of the challenge. Just contact them.