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Blood of the Earth

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  • Tools: 3D Studio Max, Substance painter, V-Ray, Photoshop

Black, just like my soul!

Black, just like the night sky in the once great cities!

Black, just like my thoughts of late!

Can you hear it calling you? You do, don’t you? That fizzling whisper of the only thing that stands between you and those… animals. How far can you get with one canister? Not far enough? Maybe two will do… How far will you have to go to be safe? Does safety even exist anymore or is it just an idea that helps you wake up in the morning, an idea that gets you going in that long, dark night when all the lights have faded?

So many questions, and only one answer: GAS!… my hands shake to the mere sound of it!

We burned the sky. Here and there, the ash is still falling on the fallout shelters and the only thing that keeps you moving is gas, this black blood spilling from the guts of our dying world, just like a posthumous gift from Earth to us. And we should be thankful for it, ‘cause you know what happens if you linger too much in the same place and you don’t want that, do you?

I gotta go now. I don’t know where these 50 gallons will take me but I’m eager to find out. Will it be safety or death? It doesn’t matter that much, either way I’ll find peace. Buckle up, step on the gas, don’t look behind and let’s see what old Betsy can do! - Alex


PS: don’t let them catch you!

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