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Muddy Hell

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  • Tools: Maya , Zbrush , SubstancePainter , Quixel Mixer , Vray , Photoshop
Abandoned army vehicle somewhere in Europe after WW2 around late 1945 to early 1946 when league of nations still existed, this vehicle was belonging to a patrol squad which was deployed as many others in torn apart countries to maintain the peace and ground, this photo was taken after the squad got vanished, they were attacked by unknown wild creatures, this Rising Dead or Zombies, this image is the first document about this bizarre incident and wont be the last, in the background lost creatures still wandering the field, these soldier's vehicle got stuck in mud but couldn't escape as quickly as needed, although they were well equipped and heavily armed, but these brave men didnt stand a chance, using this army Fiat Spa model couldn't help either, scientists couldn't identify what are these creatures some say its a curse after the horrifying events and losses of the war, some call it "revenge of the fallen", these creatures caused a lot of damage and more losses which lead into forming the United Nations "UN" to have bigger forces to eliminate them and restore order, every human got killed has risen..! its Hell on earth, the Apocalypse, humans are paying a heavy price..
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  1. Scary !!

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