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BMW M4 Liberty Walk

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  • Tools: 3Ds Max, Corona renderer, Photoshop, Megascans Studio

Hi there,

I am huge fan of fast cars, loud engines and speed in general. But as I’m only 16 years old I have only limited opportunities to be around fast cars or to drive them, so I created my own world of cars I dream about. The attached render is one of them and it’s my last work.

With rendering I have started about a year ago and since then I’ve created several renders of different cars that you can also find on my behance profile (

This one is my favourite and in my opinion my best work so far. I’ve never tried to create the whole environment as 3D model but once I saw the challenge on your website I realised that there is a time to learn something new and that I should accept the challenge.

And here we are, after one and half month I’m sending you imagination of my dream car. When I was thinking about this challenge at the beginning I wanted to illustrate a combination of super sport car with nature and beautiful autumn that is just everywhere around me. Autumn inspired me with colours that I used in the image and for the car, the BMW M4 is a car that I’ll definitely once buy (hopefully if I’ll sell enough renders on the internet soon :P) and the rest of the scene is completely made by my imagination.

I hope you will enjoy my work and I would appreciate any feedback you could send me to improve my skills.

Thanks and have a great day,

Matus Novovesky

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