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Cadillac sixsteen Concept 2003

  • Author:
  • Tools: 3d MAX, Mental Ray, Photoshop

3 friends Sebastian, David and Damien is something often began to visit the exhibition shop which exhibited a conceptual model Cadillac.

The design is excellent, luxurious car. Interestingly, it has no handles on the doors, they open only from the inside to the outside must be used to open a special code key. But it seems that not only Cadillac pulls them into the cabin, and two very nice girls - Angelina and Eliza, working in it. Soon the end of service in the Navy, and it appears that the wedding 2 "is not far off." But one of them will choose a girl? All models are made by me in 3D specifically for the contest.

Thanks to the organizers, the competition is very interesting! And I wish all the participants every success in the work of 3D!

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