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Charged and ready at first light

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  • Tools: 3DS Max, Corona Renderer, Forest Pack, Photoshop

Two good friends set out to build a street rod truck - with an electric power train. It came out so good, that they ended up building a twin.

Now the neighbors call them the "Evee Twins". When they go out together at first light for a Sunday drive it's: "Look! The Evee Twins are burning electrons again!"

The truck is loosely based on a Factory Five Racing '35 Hot Rod Truck. I've converted it to an electrical powertrain to see if it could work for street- and hot rods, too. - and I think it can work!

The front part of the frame is close to the Factory Five '35 Truck. The rear end however is modified to accommodate three additional battery packs and of course the twin motors, as well as a independent rear suspension.

All 6 battery packs are liquid cooled, front and rear loops controlled separately.

AirCon and electric (duh!) heating for the cozy cabin.

The electric powertrain is controlled by an integrated controller, front mounted on top. It includes the onboard charger, battery management computer, as well as a DC/DC converter. Inverter and power electronics are mounted close to the motors in the back. The motor's size is roughly based on the Rimac powertrain, which, with the two motors only, still delivers plenty of power!

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