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  • Tools: Daz Studio 4.9, Hexagon 2.5.1, Mandelbulb3D 1.8.9, WorldMachine 2.3.7 Basic, Photoshop CS5
When a rift comes at you like a tidal wave, a smart person runs! On Aeirn, where Avonlea was born, rifts occur with roughly the same frequency and distribution as lightning. The odds of being swallowed by one are about the same as being struck by lightening. If it happens, you would find yourself cast naked and adrift into an alien landscape; a dream made real, or some other reality altogether. Created by the abuse of magic, in a string of wars a thousand years ago, the Rift is a tear in the fabric of reality giving a physical expression--and access--to naked Paradox. It is the chaos of all possible forms of Order; encompassing the order implicit in all forms of Chaos. It is the expression of Perfection that embraces and supports all of the imperfections of Existence--the shadow of the Absolute. The Rift is like a door into the mind of God, where only thought--and the soul behind it--is real and reality is as fluid and elusive as a thought. At the start of her adventures, Avonlea had no idea the Rift played a crucial role in her future--and her past. She might dodge it now, but she would never escape it.

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  1. Well, the results on this one are in. I did not win, place or show; it was a smaller group of entrants but the work was all top notch, so I really can’t take it hard. The technical challenges on my entry were high, so it was a real achievement for me. I can at least take pride in that, and like the ArtStation challenge, the work helps to further my ambitions for this character and story.

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