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  • Tools: Blender, Maxwell Render, Adobe Photoshop
621 meters in length, 118 meters in width. 150, 000 spectators! The Circus Maximus!

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  1. great work so far! so dynamic, one of my favorites, apart of mine of course :)
    good luck!

  2. Thank you :)
    MickaelB :) Actually my first concept was flipped also :D Good luck!

  3. Well, this was my first concept too ^^ (flipped horizontally, and with a more low-angle shot) but finally I made something different… I hope to finish it soon !

    Great work ;)

  4. Horses look awesome such as the character himself :)

  5. Thank you Vinny :)

  6. So much energy in this one, awsome

  7. Thank you guys! :) Liz00n! sorry! :D I would continue! Sometimes is so nice to see same idea showed in bit different ways :)

  8. Wow. This is EXACTLY the same scene I was working on.))))
    Guess I should convert it to something different now. Amazing work btw

  9. Amazing 0_0

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