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Porsche to many people means freedom. The freedom to travel, the freedom to explore. A 901 is standing in the Mojave desert, covered with dirt, made of experiences along the journey. The driver steps out and takes a photo in the burning midday sun. He does not care about the sweat dripping down his face, nor he does about the miles ahead to reach today's destination. His eyes are twinkling and almost with certainty the one could say to see him smiling. After all he has the privilege to drive a classic Porsche, one of a kind.

On September 12th in 1963 the new Porsche 901 has been showcased at the Frankfurter IAA. The 2.0 liter motor with 96 kW positioned in the rear of the car, was responsible for an unique driving experience, which is still preserved in modern times. Due to copyright issues with the brand Peugeot, which had copyrights of 3 numbers with a 0 in the middle, Porsche was forced to rename its model to 911. A legend was born. The legend remains.

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