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Ken in the Hoonicorn is the picture of calm and collected precision driving. The same can't be said for the rest of the Hoonigans when tossing their $350 e36 BMW around or having it take part in "Space Races". The image is supposed to represnet the sides of Hoonigan that ther fans have come to know and love. I have tried to capture the recklessness of the team in the e36 while the Hoonicorn is looking on somewhat perplexed at the attitude of the other.


Poly modeled in Blender while keeping in mind attributes that are true to the cars in real life but then making sure that they are true to anthropomorphic cars in the pixar-esque world of my imagination by removing things like doors and windows. The models were then taken to Substance Painter for texturing where I tried to give the e36 (we shall not use its colloquial name in this space) the hand painted feel where the team took turns painting it with spray cans and tape. I then brought the models back into Blender to apply additional shaders and then render in Cycles. All compositing was done in the Blender compositor with true depth of field and colour grading with the Cinemacolour For Blender Addon from FishCakes.

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