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  • Tools: Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, Photoshop
It’s been 17 years, 8 months, and 3 days since mankind as I knew it took its last breath. Our world has continued to warm as if the sun’s flames were extending over the skies like months to a flame. What is left of our polluted world is cordoned off for ‘the Important kind,’ or at least that’s what they like to call themselves. The same people who created the deathbed of humanity are allowed to live in their guarded clean and safe cities while the rest of us have to struggle and fight to survive. My family was never wealthy enough to live in the green zones, instead we were forced to build our life in the drylands. Four years ago, my family was broken up by a raider party who stole what remained of our food and resources. They took my parents and sister in chains while I hid in a secret floor compartment and I haven’t seen them since. One thing is for sure, I don’t have much, but I am still alive. I have a working car and I am ready to risk everything to find my family, if they’re still here to share this hell with me.

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