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The Blue Bus

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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Redshift3d, Photoshop

Hello Brother,

The world may have fallen apart but the public transport business is booming, apparently settlers dont really like settling down, I managed to salvage a bus from a museum in the old city. they call it the blue whale. ive attached a picture. figured i could save biofuel by making a shortcut through the wasteland, the air is still abit toxic so i have been offering free oxygen harvested from the mountains (they do have to bring their own gasmasks as those are getting stolen every day).. oh and if you know someone handy with a gun let me know as joey got fired for sniffing gunpowder. Hey, its only six months till they finally release you... looks like we can now start a decent life. see you soon.

love your little bro.

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  1. Sick!

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  3. Pass the mic to him someone needs to address the humans

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