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  • Tools: Maya, Redshift, Substance Painter, Nuke, 3ds Max
Hey guys this time my idea to create a thief escaping from a criminal with a futuristic car. My main inspiration is night streets in china. I used 3ds max for basic modeling and everything setup and rendered inside Maya and Redshift. Textures are done in substance painter. Hope you guys enjoy cheers!!!
Special prize from PolyBrush

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  1. Very nice. Clean and detailed.

  2. Love the attention to detail as subtle as it is; small glare in corner, direction of air is constant. Amazing idea of a early mustang modified to “future technology”

  3. Super cool! But I think a little over boosted gamma. But still awesome!!!!

  4. one of the most detailed image of the contest, IMO

  5. great detail and looks very good! Only thing i’m not a fan of is the edge wear on the car

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