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  • Tools: Blender, Photoshop, PixPlant, MakeHuman

First time entering to this challenge. I really enjoyed the creation of this image, although I started way to late (ca. 7 days before the deadline). Most part of the scene I created on my own.

The trees were generated using the Blender addon "The Grove 3D" and for the grass I used "The Grass Essentials". For the stones and branches on the ground I used assets from the Megascans library. For the people I used MakeHuman models as base mesh. I used the "Trabant 500" as reference for the car.


A grandfather and his grandchild had build this flying car. Now, after months of hard work, finally it takes off. The old Trabant was decaying in a shed, but now it is put to good use again.


Special prize from PolyBrush

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  1. Seriously 7 days ?! Thats amazing!

  2. Super cool!

  3. @Jan and @Ali Thanks guys! Yes, basically most of the work I did in the 7 days. I did the concept and some scene blockout a few weeks before, but than I had a long break and got back to it ca. one week before the deadline. :)

  4. The huge amount of work done. Very cool idea!

  5. Excuse for derranging,but i please you,!!!!!!only if you want!!!!!,to give me the flying trabant in .obj format without Landscaping elements.(only the flying trabant).
    I love verry verry hard this flying trabant and i really want it in an better 3d model quality.Trust me i will use only for personal projects(Only in My Computer),not for internet or public posts.
    Thanks for understanding and have good luck to your projects.

  6. Really great, super well done. I love it. Congrats!

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