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I Know What I Like

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  • Tools: Lightwave, Daz Studio, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects

Nürburgring, 1976

What kind of emotion! I was only a 9 years old kid in front of his champion and I had his autograph in my hands...

I will never forget the man's worried smile when he was signing this photo.

It happened on August 1, 1976, a few hours before the race. The rest is history.

... but ...

What’s this voice?

"Jacob! Wake up! You've got to tidy your room now!"

Oh no, it’s Ethel! It was another damned dream!

But… what does this picture do on my bedside table?

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  1. Stunning, bellissima!!!

  2. Great job!! like a real photo!

  3. Ciao Francesco, finalmente ti ho trovato :) grazie per il tuo commento di supporto, e posso solo aggiungere che hai fatto un gran bel lavoro con questa tua immagine complimenti anche a te! A presto!

  4. Awesome!!!

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