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Icons don´t go with the flow

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  • Tools: 3D Max, Vray, Phoenix FD, Forest Pack, Nuke, Photoshop


I would like to express with this picture, that it is better to go against the flow instead of vanish into thin air.

In my opinion the G-class of Mercedes Benz is a good representation of this principle.

So I decided to choose this car in its G63 AMG version to visualize this statement with an unusual brown color.

Car background:

The G-class has been built since 1979 and from the design perspektive it is not the most attrakive one. In the last 35 years there have been only minor optical changes. Mercedes has changed and updated a lot on the technical side, for example the engine power you can choose raised from a 4cylinder 2.5 Litre Dieselengine with 75HP up to a 6 litre V12 with 630HP.

Mercedes wants to stop the production but the customers high demand was the reason why this exeptional car will be produced at least till 2020. The latest addition to the G-class family is the G650 Landaulet Mercedes Maybach (Limited edition – 750.000 Euro).

In the meantime the bulky design of the car is one of the reasons why many people who don´t need it´s exeeding offroad capapilities buy this car. Other SUV´s are possibly more up to date but they are not so „special“. The G-class is a statement.

The G-class might also hold the record of the longest roadtrip (26 Years/215 Countrys/897.000Kilometers) For more interesting infos.


I modelled the car from scratch with polymodelling. I used Phoenix FD for the Watersimulation, Vray for rendering, Forest Pro for the background vegetation and the waterdrops on the carbody.

I handpainted a lot of dirt textures (25 4kUDIM maps) to mix it with wetmaps. Unfortunately in the final image they can hardly be seen.The main challenge was the watersimulation. It was hard to achive the look that I wanted because of simulation time. It needs 130 frames preroll to get the water/splashes/foam in the right form. The final grid had 94mio cells, 4mio splashes and 9 mio foam particles.

After basic and partspecific and technical grading i pushed the image to a more dramatical dark highcontrast look.

Thanks to the hum3d team, sponsors and the jury for their time and effort to organize this competition.

Good luck to all participants.

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