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  • Tools: Maya, Bifrost, Substance Painter, Megascans, Arnold Renderer, Photoshop
A fusion of wilderness and technology evoking an improbable but harmonious coexistence. The scene provokes reflection on the impact of humanity on the environment and the capacity of nature to reclaim its rights.
E-on Software

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  1. There is a stark simplicity to this inherently complex scene. The sheer density to the foliage surrounding and growing over the car in question and how good and alive it looks is an honest testament to the artists skill. I love this sort of visual storytelling, there are no answers to be had but whatever your imagination can come up with and that is just plain old fun. How did the car get here, WHY did it get here? It is most likely that the car was abandoned and a tree grew and was subsequently half destroyed BUT there is also a chance that some freak occurrence lead to a car somehow getting impaled on this enormous stump and either are just fun to think about for entirely different reasons.

    The composition is great, the way the forest fades into the background through atmospheric effects feels very on point for this and the state of the car is in a (mostly) proper level of disrepair. The only caveat I have on that is that maybe the tires should have just been bare but honestly, that is a bit nitpicky on my part.

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