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“(...) “La Virtuosa” is one of the only three cafeterias in Campoverde, one of the villages lost in the way between San Gabriel and Los Cerros.

We usually stop there when we travel to Las Pozas to spend the holidays. Far away from the metropolis, coffee is both cheap and good, roads are dusty in summer and landscapes are thoroughly white in winter.

In the middle of nowhere, one feels a deep anguish that lasts only for a while. After that, an inevitable peace follows. Both time and space disappear and you can enjoy the infinite.

Tasting coffee in “La Virtuosa” I’ve felt safer and quieter than anywhere else in the world, and that feeling is always the same when I visit the place. I hope one thay we’ll be able to go there together and share some good coffee(...)”.

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  1. my favorite composition of the contest

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