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Mercedes Benz 500K Legendary Car

  • Author:
  • Tools: Maya, 3ds Max, photoshop
As we were all growing up, we learned how ‘World war’ changed the history of mankind and how machine took place in all of our lives. The travelling machines such as Car hence got popular. My project Mercedes Benz 500K is inspiring to me because this car is being heroic in every part of its way and as a child when I was growing up every people in the block knew the name of this Company ‘Mercedes’. I Fall in love with this car because who ever drove this car is itself legendary. No ordinary person has this potential of driving this marvellous piece of art. During the world war time these kind of company car survived and we always know in this world that there is only survival of the fittest and this car is definitely is. Mercedes benz 500k is now one of the most highly prized for its own heritage. For me, this car has itself glorified its own sense of aura and me anticipating on the fact that I believe in ‘carpe diem’ by accepting to this challenge.

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  1. This artwork is great compared to what i have seen. This Car has made me feel what in that time has happened and what people lost. Car like these have given hope to the world of technology. I Love it.

  2. tHIS PROJECT IS AMAZING. toatlly inspired and apart from the rest this Artwork looks great!

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