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  • Tools: 3D Max, Vray, Photoshop
Inspired by movies such as „I am legend“, „The walking dead“ etc. decided to do a post-apocalyptic car. A group of scientists have been unable to stop a man-made virus which spread all over the world and only a few thousand people have been able to stay alive and survive by being constantly on the move and avoiding the infected. The car itself is made for defense against zombies and all other scary creatures that might be lurking out there.Its a well equipped car that can hold 2-6 persons. In the back of the car are all the basic items required for survival; first aid kit, sleeping bags, water containers etc. The passengers in the car are returning from a city where they were gathering supplies. This is the era in which the cars aren't valued for their „beauty“ but for their strength and durability. Hope you like it...

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  1. Great texturing and look. Almost want to see a bit more detail in the background though. Even an old building or broken up vehicle to give more context. ‘Classic’ theme too. good luck.

    • Thank you very much darrem8190. I agree regarding the background but from the start of the project I tried to focus on texturing and lightning; the modeling process was quite fast.

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