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  • Tools: 3ds max, Redshift, Nuke, Mari, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Photoshop

Always wanted to try my skills onboard Lamborghini Aventador on most dangerous race track - Nurburgring. It requires a lot of money and balls of steel. So the easiest and safest way was to recreate this in 3d safe at home. My first ride probably would be as guy with more equipment than skills... Save the ring!

This time I wanted also animate this scene, some it is actually animated ready, just need some computing power to move some wheels. I wanted to prepare it without any Photoshop tricks to maintain the same quality in animation. Driver is base on scan data, fully rigged and ready to ride :)

Good luck to everyone.

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  1. Well done! That render is on point!

  2. Monster work!

  3. Epic.

  4. Wow this is just a insane good view, very modeled! Perhaps a little more motion blur here and there :)

  5. Awesome work and render. Definitely not done by a single person in the amount of time given.

  6. Thank you guys!

  7. Looks amazing – But the Aventador has been modeled for about 2+ years.

  8. Looks absolutely astonishing) Top skills

  9. The best as always.

  10. Jest mi szalenie przykro Piotr, że jakiś paproch w tak nikczemny sposób próbuje zdyskredytować Twoją P R Z E F A N T A S T Y C Z N Ą pracę (i nie tylko).
    Once again congratulations Buddy, TOP-NOTCH *_* :O <3 o.O !!!!

  11. The work must not have been previously published anywhere, neither online or offline (including models with ready-made textures or easily recognizable scenes).

  12. Fantastic job! Everything’s incredible in the picture. Congrats!

  13. Thats fantastic work !

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