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  • Tools: Maya, zBrush, Fusion, Photoshop

Hey, this is Patrick Richter, actually a 2D illustrator, located in Berlin and working for the games industry as such. Just recently having started with 3D, this project was dedicated to get a deeper insight into several fields of 3D content generation. Back then, Metal Slug was one of my favorite Arcade Machine Games and nowadays Marco Rossi is a forgiving figure to start with. So I decided to aim for an animated character, a fully shaded and lighted scene with an illustrated touch.

The submission dispalys Marco Rossi shooting at a Metal Slug Arcade Machine after loosing the Game again and again. To underline the inherent story, the surounding Arcade Machine Srceens are flashing "Game Over!" additionally . For a pleasing presentation and more dense atmosphere, the scene is observed through a security cam.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

Cheers, Patrick

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