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Ready to a ‘little’ polar race?

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Who is ready to race the most challenging environment above sea level in Earth?

After few meters shaking down the car systems with race tires, all sensors like radar, camera with telephoto lens, ir camera and LiDar. gps, etc. working, the #55 is ready to race!

The all new Hybrid Snow Racer from the Team leaded by the designer Lawrence Jorge RS was refuelled and cleaned up, top to bottom for the starting line procedures for the race that follows, challenging the best car makers and custom shops to develop new techs to subdue the Antarctica's wilderness over 100 mph on a 1000 miles course and get the 50 million dollar prize offered by the International Sub Polar Foundation!

The Team bring a vehicle that all systems are unique, even using very reliable parts with decades doing very well at different markets worldwide, making use of new approaches to enhance performance.

To race, the cars must be capable to do basic services like change tires by itself, carry fuel, water and food to make 3 600 miles trips or endure 1 week, and must fit inside a standard ship container through ruff sub arctic seas!

The competition was done to encourage the design of fast vehicles to fast responders on sub-arctic emergencies. The best vehicles and systems will be the base to this new vehicle class in near future.

Besides the #55, the #54 and the #56 are waiting the mechanic crew inside the containers with transport tires to be put together and follow the #55 in the race course.

I wish the best to all people involved but must thank my fianceé that endure my absence in the last days.

That's it folks, no post processing here! That's a raw 3D rendering I would like to have few more days to do better textures, background and greater quallity rendering, but was a great fun, a great challenge to make a nice rendering to one of my designs that didn't have it! I hope will 'see' you all next year!

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