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  • Tools: 3ds max, Corona, Photoshop
Hello everyone. For many, the legendary car - it was a cool car with a powerful engine, fast, expensive. Childhood I spent in the hostel on fire part. My father is a retired firefighter. Therefore, for me, the real hero is the fire truck. This car is not just beautiful, it really saves lives. I decided to take one of the most popular fire-fighting vehicles, which I saw as a child, riding on it, watched the on the next challenge. This is ZIL 130.
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  1. The best work in this challenge!

  2. Modeling is top work! For me digital art is making interesting immersions from different subjects. I´m not feeling that immersion here because there are some things that kills it. One thing is that the car is way too perfect to be a fire fighting machinery. Tires looks like they have never driven before. Second thing is the fire fighter. They just don´t seems to fit into the image along with that smoke. Sometimes simple is better than too much.

    • To be honest, I wanted to make the car clean) In reality, the fire trucks are always kept clean and plenty of water on the fire, so the wheels are always clean. I watched a lot of pictures, and saw a lot of the reality. But I will agree, a little dirt positive for rendering)

  3. Looks really nice and I love the story. +1

  4. Great story and composition. Something kept bothering me though. The fireman in on the right is tilted compared to the rest of the scene it seems. If you were to rotate the render to be on a horizontal plane, I think you’ll see what I mean about the fireman. It’s as though he wasn’t rotated with the rest of the image. Good work and good luck though.

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