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Red Baron – Nissan Skyline -72

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  • Tools: 3ds max, V-ray, Photoshop
I remember when I was a child and I played in my dad´s garage. There was this awesome poster on the wall and in that poster was the legendary Nissan Skyline -72. It was on a race track somewhere in Japan and it had small raindrops all over the car which make it to look like it was covered with diamonds. I was about 7 years old that time and it was the coolest thing I ever seen. I started to look more information about that car in the library and from that day on I knew that I wanted to work with cars when I´m older. This dream came true and I started my car mechanic studies and graduated. Knowing much more about cars now I can see that this car was so much ahead of it´s time. I´m glad that Nissan has kept some of the original designs in their latest models. The original poster is gone but I wanted to create this work to be similar of how I remember it. I wish I could have this car someday but 3d version is enough for now. I´m now 22 but I still think this was my first true love and it´s the prettiest car ever made. True samurai of the car industry! Modeling done in 3ds max 2014 and the whole scene is cg. Rendering in V-ray. Color correction in Photoshop. Rendering time was 10h.
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  1. Amazing) Great work

    • Thanks!

  2. This work is by far the best in this comp. From a technical point of view it´s well made. The amount of detail is insane from the condensation on the windshield to the rain drops. I´m also picking the micro details in the car paint. It would be nice to know how you did that. I think some rain puddles would be nice on the ground but all in all it´s a very nice work with a nice cg environment. BTW my uncle had that kind of Skyline so it´s a very important car for me too :)

    • Thanks! I´m glad you like it. For micro details I used multiple layers in my shaders to simulate scratches. It took some time to find the right setup.

  3. Excellent work! Perfectly done from the beggining to the end. For sure one on the best works in this comp! Congrats Kimmo:)

    • Thanks! It was fun to work with this. Hope the jury like it too :)

  4. Nice entry! Cool details. But the scale of everything is a bit off. Waterdrops looks enormous compared to car. Otherwise good work )

    • Thanks! Waterdrops are pretty big but my system can´t handle more so I couldn´t increase the amount so I scaled those little bigger. 8 gig ram and old dual core E8500 is really slowing things down :(

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