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Roman leggionaire

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  • Tools: Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya, Yeti, Arnold, Photoshop
When we talk about Roman Empire history, the first thing that comes to mind is a history filled with intense battles, glorious monuments and epic characters, stories that literature and historic narrators of all ages have captured in numerous tales, some of them historically considered and others close to exaggeration: Julius Caesar crossing the rubicon, the Galias wars, Neron and the burning of Rome, Marco Antonio and Cleopatra, the coliseum and the gladiators…etc, but what it is true about them all is the fact that Rome was a glorious empire based on a professional and extraordinary army… and the fundamental core of this army were its legions and of course its legionnaires. This is what I’ve wanted to reflect, a simple legionnaire, with no dramatic compositions or theatrical framings, just, a legionnaire.
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  1. Amazin job, congratulations. I like the little cloth under the helmet, nice detail.

  2. Great setup on the materials, I like it!!

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