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Romulus: Blood and Marble

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  • Tools: ZBrush, Maya, Maxwell, Quixel Suite, Photoshop
Romulus. Son of Mars, Father of Rome. Born from the God of war Mars, by the virgin Rhea Silvia. Legend has it that Romulus along with his twin Remus were raised by wolves, and came to be great leaders in their adult years, each acquiring many followers. Given their divine calling, they sought out to found a new city but the pettiness of their humanity surfaced when their ambitions conflicted one another's. Romulus wanted their city planted on Palatine Hill, opposing Remus's intent to place a city on Aventine Hill. In the heat of their quarrel, as if looking through a veil of red, Romulus struck down his twin in a stroke of rage. From this he founded his new empire Rome, after his namesake. Rome became a civilization that was driven by ideas of law, government and order, even though it was built on a foundation of chaos and severity. All models were created by us for this competition. None were sourced from other sites or scanned.
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