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Rooftop Machines

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  • Tools: Maya, Zbrush, Mental-ray, Illustrator, Photoshop

The SLS AMG, one of the most captivating super-cars on the face of the earth, is bidding farewell.

To mark the end of the production run, Mercedes-Benz built just 350 units of a Final Edition in 2014. Every Final Edition model comes with a plaque that says "1 of 350," but doesn’t disclose its actual place in the production run.

It's 2016 and all of the 350 units have found new owners. Meanwhile somewhere in some city, a vehicle designer has decided to carry out some automotive tinkering on his personal unit.

Driving the SLS is a scintillating experience; and he hopes to improve this personal experience with the aid of an automotive robot.

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  1. Nice work brother

  2. so lovely

  3. So lovely

  4. Wonderful

  5. Thanks!! Everyone!.. :)

  6. Great job… Reminds me of GTA V

  7. Awesome work

  8. This is splendid. nice work Charles!

  9. Thanks!

  10. Perfect!

  11. Dope work man!!

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