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  • Tools: Blender, Cycles, Photoshop, Quixel Suite
The Scout CSAR, is a fast attack combat search and rescue vehicle that incorporates near future techbiology. It is armed with advanced targeting and satellite communication arrays, a high velocity rapid fire railgun and protected with NANO ceramic reactive armor. It has a crew of 4 and room for 2 litters. It is powered by an 8 cylinder engine that runs on a hydrocell. The hydrocell separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, expelling the oxygen and burning the hydrogen. The Scout can be refueled almost anywhere, the refueling system has an advanced filtration system to clean and purify the source water making it's range nearly unlimited. The suspension is based on off road racing 4wd suspension making it capable of stable maneuvers over 100mph. My image shows the Scout " Standing By" for the next mission, having just returned from rescuing 2 downed pilots from behind enemy lines.

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