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  • Tools: Cinema4D, Modo, Lagoa MultiOptics, Moi3D, Blender, Photoshop
We decided to work on this together since we can´t remember any other movie that impacted us that much. All the great concepts were just mind blowing. We started thinking on how would we build Delorean today, with today technology, but still like if it was done inside a personal garage. Our story is about the first flight test of the new Delorean, coming from the ground to park on the top of a building with a cinematic scene style picturing the essence of the film, where all tests were done at night. The challenge here was to keep its soul and the emblematic style of lights with slightly modern design. When we saw the movie Back to the Future 2 we fell in love with the flying car, simply stunning idea of turning the tires! There was just no other choice!
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