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The Fall of Rome

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  • Tools: 3ds max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Vray, Photoshop
Terme Erculee in Mediolanum, 495 AD. The indolent years after the invasions of Ostrogoths and Lombards. Marble statues and cornices slowly crumble but it takes time to degenerate the greatest civilization. This was once a reverberant place of opulent social life. The steamy space of this great hall carried debates of art and politics. Now everything has changed and there is an appaling silence between these walls. The bath streamed with blood. And while these were people who took lives of the past visitors, it certainly will up to the nature to raze this place to the ground.
Hum3D Team Choice

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  1. Wow! Amazing!

  2. I really like the lighting in the scene and models are nice and neat :)

  3. Looks cool!

  4. I like the composition, there is an interesting variety of light, and surfaces, and the story is intriguing. This image is so rich it keeps my eye exploring, well done.

  5. This is amazing, well done!

  6. Thank you guys. I’m glad I can keep you exploring. : )

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