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The Old Stomping Ground

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  • Tools: Maya, Renderman, Photoshop

Hey there, reader.

Not so long ago, before I started creating in 3d, this place was my second home. I spent many hours creating public art with friends. I still remember the day I first pick up a spray paint can and embarrassed myself. As I practiced painting I met new people, new friends, and more artist. I didn't know these people existed before this park popped up.

I could ramble on forever about this place and can honestly say it was the best thing that city or south Georgia had to offer. Sadly it's gone now. I really miss that place too. I guess all good things end eventually.

As for the car, its just a '93 Honda Civic hatchback that would definitely scrape the bottom of your car if you tried to recreate the shot in real life.

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